Sunglasses: Kurt Cobain

Past fashion trends never disappear, and actually when they emerge to the world for the second time are even more powerful than they used to be in the first place. That’s the case of the Kurt Cobain’s sunglasses, which appeared to be one of the most fashionable complements from the late 90’s but the ones which are still trendy today because of what they represent.              And the real significance of this object lies in the person who used to wear them: someone who became an American idol (and worldwide) not only because of his musical talent but also due to his clothing style and natural elegance.

For that reason, we can state for sure that all his qualities have survived until the present time and they are probably here to stay a little longer, thing which will be possible thanks to a great clothing collection inspired by the XX Century last decade. This collection includes all kind of grunge outfits and complements apart from the so- called glasses that characterized the singer’s style; the one which perfectly reflects the essence of the time.

The artist’s last session

Everybody remembers those new wave white sunglasses which covered Kurt Cobain’s face, but what is special about them goes beyond the limits of any fashion tendency. One of the reasons why these glasses can be easily identified all over the world is this: the artist was wearing them when he was last pictured (just before he died in 1994).

The previous year, specifically during the summer, the artist had already been portrayed in a leopard skin coat by Jesse Frohman. This photographer was in charge of taking some pictures which were intended to be included in an illustrated report to be published in the London Observer.

Although the session was originally planned to last 5 hours – where the other Nirvana members appeared: Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl- the session had to be delayed because Kurt Cobain had overdosed on drugs.  In this way, Frohman had to cope with it and finally managed to take all the pictures in just half an hour.

At that time, Frohman didn’t know that his pictures would become really famous, but they did basically for two reasons: because of the iconic glasses the artist used to wear- the ones which have been included in so many collections today- and because that was the very last time the artist’ image appeared in front of a camera.

Indeed, the Nirvana singer committed suicide shortly after the pictures had been taken, only eight months later.

You can see Kurt Cobain’s glasses by clicking here.

Jesse Frohman, the photographer

Jesse Frohman was studying economics at college when he found out that his real passion was photography. Ever since that time, he has actually photographed a lot of famous people like Lenny Kravitz, just to name one.

However, the turning point in his career came after taking those pictures of Kurt Cobain, where his well-known white glasses were on display. And 21 years after the photographs had been shot,-and twenty years after Kurt Cobain’s death- Frohman set up an exhibition where all the pictures were shown to the audience exclusively. Among all of them, we can highlight the one in which the band leader is in his leopard skin coat, a low cost white t-shirt and a casual shirt while holding a cigarette and wearing his popular sunglasses.

Shortly after this opening exhibition took place, a book containing 90 different images from that session was released by Frohman under the title “The Last Session”.

During that session, Kurt Cobain was wearing the sunglasses designed by Christian Roth.

It is said the Kurt Cobain was a big fan of the new wave glasses which appeared in his last pictures, hence they became his favorite complement during his last months because they helped them redefine what his real style was.

But what is curious about these glasses is the fact that they were created by Christian Roth to be intended just for women. Indeed, they had become popular even before the rock star was aware of their existence.

The 6558 sunglasses model- as they were called then- was inspired by the great female sunglasses from the 60’s and a futuristic style. They were also a combination from classical and modern patterns in size and color: a white frame but black and completely opaque glasses.

Nirvana’s death

Almost everybody is able to remember the day Kurt Cobain passed away. And this is because he was one of the greatest rock stars from the 90’s, whose legacy still remains nowadays.

The events happened in Seattle on April, 5th 1994 around 11:30 am: The artist shot himself and died immediately. Although Kurt Cobain’s death didn’t come as a surprise to anyone, the fact is that it was a great shock for rock lovers.

The truth is that the musician had been struggling with the effects of a severe depression plus suffering a chronic backache and an addiction to heroine. Actually, he had already tried to kill himself the previous month when he was in Rome but his wife bumped into him and was able to help. In that case, he had overdosed from mixing funitrazepam and champagne.

The last time he showed up in public was in Italy on February 23, during the interview he granted for the TV show called Tunnel, and he last performed his songs on a stage on March 1st in 1994. Nevertheless, the thing which will always be remembered is “The last session” where Kurt Cobain was wearing the famous sunglasses: they became so popular that they have been largely imitated by some collections over time.

The firm Saint Laurent presented its new collection on July 2015

As a result of this collection, you’ll have noticed that the new clothing trend since 2015 is to wear shabby jerseys- the ones which have been kept in your closet for over a decade- and worn jeans with great holes on them, as well as lingerie dresses made of different fabrics and  patterns that resemble flannel even in the summer.

But not many people know that this low cost tendency that became popular among young people (and not so young) was created by a renowned luxurious brand.

By the time Saint Laurent’s new creative director presented the 2016 spring and summer collections, patterns were very clear:  the grunge style was the only one on display. But apart from showing casual and colorful clothes on stage, most models were wearing a special complement; the Kurt Cobain’s sunglasses. Even though the artist was pictured with those sunglasses more than twenty years ago, they are still fashionable today.

saint laurent kurt cobain

Because of this, Christian Roth has re-edited his classical sunglasses from the 90’s

Kurt Cobain’s sunglasses are worn nowadays by all those people who want to have a grunge style. However, what is unknown by many of them is that the sunglasses which appeared in Nirvana’s leader last session- the ones which have been imitated so many times- have a proper name.

Although they have widely known as Kurt Cobain’s sunglasses, the truth is that their real name is Archive 1993 sunglasses. If you want to buy them, that’s maybe because you want to look as grunge and casual as Nirvana and the other members of the so-called X generation, named this way after their special clothing style.

Archive 1993

archive 1993

archive 1993 2

The creator of the Kurt Cobain’s sunglasses has re-edited these classical sunglasses as they have emerged as fashionable again. We know that past tendencies become trendy again after a while, and this complement needed to be available on the market once more.

Christian Roth has re-edited the sunglasses called Archived 1993, which were named after the year Kurt Cobain worn them and popularized this complement. So, now the original new wave sunglasses can be acquired by anyone at a quite reasonable price, around 300 dollars.

Many famous artists such as the fashion male icons Pharrell Williams and Harry Styles have shown up publicly wearing the Kurt Cobain’s sunglasses, fact which has made them even more popular now. But these artists are not the only ones following this fashion as some male fashion editorials and a great number of social networks like Instagram have also supported the reappearance of the complement; which proves that this is going to become one of the great tendencies during the 2017 spring and summer everywhere. Do you dare to wear them?

This website was created in order to pay homage to the iconic Kurt Cobain’s images shot just before he died.

It doesn’t matter how you want to call them- either Kurt Cobain’s sunglasses, Archive 1993 or 6558 model- the point is that we really love them!

As long as you are classy, you can perfectly wear these sunglasses no matter what your clothing style is. However, we believe that if you have a casual style, you’ll look amazing by including this complement to your look. No doubt these sunglasses can become the perfect accessory to add to your outfit.

So, if you want to pay homage to Nirvana or you simply want to look more stylish, you’d better wear the Kurt Cobain’s sunglasses. In that way, you’ll be wearing the latest trend during 2017 spring and summer season. We are sure you won’t regret purchasing them!